Beginning to meet in the building in person, after six months apart, is a big step for St. Andrews. We are moving slowly and cautiously, conscious of keeping everyone safe and healthy, but also of the need for us to gather together.

In light of the virus and the need for relevant precautions, our Covid Task Force compiled safety standards which apply to meeting in person. Please read these here before you come to worship.

The building has been essentially closed since the middle of March. Zoom meetings have been the norm. But we are just beginning to welcome small groups who wish to meet in person. In order to do that safely, we are requiring that such groups request to meet through the church office. They will be assigned a meeting space which will have been professionally cleaned prior to their meeting time. Please read the Room Use Guide here before you plan a meeting in the church building.

Sunday school is resuming as of October 4. Please read the Guidelines for Sunday school reopening here if you plan to come to Sunday school.