Church Office Manager

Job Description

To provide secretarial and administrative services and Church communications support to the Minister(s), the Church Treasurer and other professional staff, and to the Boards and organizations of the Church as directed by the Head of Staff. The position also serves as an important conduit of information to the congregation and the community.

The position of Church Office Manager, by its very nature, is a ministry which reflects the nature of the Church as the Body of Jesus Christ. Although there are specific responsibilities as outlined below, it is necessary that the Office Manger be flexible and able to adjust to changes and emergencies which are part of the ministry of the Church.

Accountable to the Head of Staff and the Administration & Personnel Committee.


· To perform the function of secretary to the Minister(s) and other professional staff. This includes greeting guests who come to the church office or call the church.

· To provide administrative support to the Treasurer. Record and reconciles the contributions of members and prepare mailings of contribution statements. Assist the Treasurer in the timely payments of accounts payable. When needed, investigates issues with bank or quarterly statements. Records and acknowledges plate gifts. Makes bank deposits of non-contribution funds (flowers and books).

· To maintain records for the Church calendar.

· Prepare Church communications including direct and bulk mailings, the Herald and any others directed by the Head of Staff.

· To maintain the mailboxes and distribute mail.

· To maintain office supplies such as paper, stamps, printer toner/ink, envelopes, etc.

· To provide communications support by researching, writing, and publishing content for the monthly newsletter, weekly bulletins, weekly announcements, weekly emails, annual report, and other items as directed by the Head of Staff.

· To prepare church publications for publication and printing, including worship bulletins (including weekly mailing to homebound members), power point announcements for Sunday worship, assist with St Andrews web site, St. Andrews Herald, visitor and officers notebooks, annual report for the congregational meeting and others as directed by the Minister. This includes use of desktop publishing software.


· To regularly update content on the Church’s web site in coordination with the Head of Staff and the Digital Communications Specialist.

· To provide general reception, answer phone, screen calls, relay messages or direct volunteers to provide these services.

· Reproduce materials for committees and organizations of the church as directed by the Head of Staff.

· Maintain church files and databases required by the Head of staff. Keep current contact information for all members and update and use database of church members.

· Orders and completes certificates for baptisms, new members, confirmation, and similar forms in coordination with the Head of Staff.

· Maintain log of repairs and services done in the building on behalf of the Trustees.

· Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of Staff.


Time, Compensation and Review:

· The Church Secretary is an hourly position, which is ordinarily expected to require 30-40 hours per week. The Church Office will be open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding designated holidays. Actual work hours for the Office Manager will be set by the Head of Staff and may be different than posted office hours.

· The Office Manager shall be entitled to vacation, sick leave and access to medical insurance.